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The life and times of KatiaSwift

Sur la dernière nuit

Au revoir.

Et un assez petit personne était né dans ce monde
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away in an ancient epoch known only to us as "the nineties", a small human was born into a strange little family.

That human was me.

Watching old home movies tonight on a television that wasn't even a glimmer on the horizon when I was born, it seems as though I've evolved so much. From shrieking amoeba child to short, bouncy adult in my own little version of a forever-long process. I divide as cells and swim with fins and grow little legs and crawl out of the sea, and slowly grow and change until suddenly, I get to have a credit card and pay taxes and oversleep far too much.

What a funny thing, humanity. We start as tiny, noisy creatures who don't know what the hell we're doing, and we evolve into still pretty tiny, slightly quieter creatures who really don't know what the hell we're doing.

C'est la vie. Literally.

My sweet little bread loaf animal
Presenting the great Loki of Fuzzgard! (She is burdened with glorious cuteness)

She was living in not so great conditions in a pet store, and the employee who let me hold her pretty much just told me to take her.

So I did.

She slept at the foot of my bed last night, curled up in her little pigloo. I'm going to introduce her to my other piggies after her mandatory 2-week quarantine, and hope for the best.

For now, I have a sweet little bread loaf shaped animal for a nighttime cuddle buddy, and I can't say I hate that at all.

(Thank you to nevacaruso for the "Loki of Fuzzgard" title! I love it.)

Cher Monde,
S'il vous plaît arrêter de tuer mon personnes préférées.

Une fille qui a pleuré si fort qu'elle ne pouvait pas finir de regarder L'extraordinaire Spider-Man 2

La mort de Gwen Stacy, aka non, pour l'amour de baise, non

Mes pieds sont pointés vers l'Est
Il ne reste à voir dans quelle jusqu'où, exactement.

5,200 miles, or only 1,200?

Perhaps I choose to live comfortably, in a city the size of mine now, where the people are friendly and the world is homogeneous.

Or perhaps I take a deep breath and leap off a cliff, leap onto a plane, leap into a country where the only words I know are a song about the evening.

If I have children, perhaps they will grow up in a better world, as citizens of a country where they will never have to worry about paying for healthcare or university. It seems as if this is the American dream of a new generation, the dream of young adults running from what their ancestors worked so hard to fight for and build. Just as our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents moved forward as one, towards a fairytale country called America, we return to the lands of our heritage, which have been quietly cultivating a new dream while we were gone.

Perhaps I will live in a world where I have to Google Translate my grocery list.

Or, you know, perhaps I choose to stay here. Settle into a peaceful Midwestern city and build a stable life.

But where the hell's the fun in that?

Si vous posez une question stupide...
...vous obtenez une réponse stupide.

Q: OMG, you have depression! Does this mean you want to commit suicide?!?!

A: Only when my downstairs neighbour laughs.

Happy (mildly belated, because time zones suck donkey balls) birthday to an incredible human being
Today (yesterday? thirty-one minutes ago?) was my incredible friend nevacaruso's birthday.

It's been just about two years (give or take a week) since we first met, in an X-Men related chatroom. She has been there ever since, to screech at me about fantastic new things in fandom and listen to me do the same, to send me fic and headcanons and chat with me about the stories we share, and even to show me around her fantastic city the first time we met IRL. She has creeped at me, let me creep back at her, and generated some of the most fantastic story ideas I have ever heard. She has gotten me into fandoms, let me drag her headlong into my own, and generally been the most amazing human being I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

It's been an incredible friendship, and I couldn't be happier to have her in my life. Happy 11,322.75 Earth rotations, my darling, and I hope the many thousands more to come are even better.

Bon anniversaire, mon ami. <3 To you, I give a shoddy present that I know you will still love: your favourites celebrating your birthday with you.

Mon histoire ne fait que commencer
Et il va être un bon.

I do not understand her sometimes
aka, that time my guinea pig got stuck in the hayrack at 2 AM and I filmed it

(by the way, her name is Luna)

Je ne suis pas amoureux
Ou, la seule raison pour laquelle je dors du tout


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